TSWPC Governance - Roles & Responsbilities

Roles & Responsibilities

There are a number of various roles and responsibilities within the club from being the club representative at one of the Local Associations monthly meetings, attending the Lancashire County WPSA and Swim England North West Annual Council Meetings, to ensure the club has up to date equipment for swimmers and water polo players, to booking coaches for events.

Listed below are a few of the responsibilities 

Pelican Project Management Group (2)
Representative to Pelican Board

Club Representatives
Swim England North West
Lancashire County WPSA
Bolton & District SWPA
Central Lancashire SWPA
Manchester & District SWPA

Water Polo       Head Coach   -   Lee Toone
Senior  Men

Swimming        Coach   -   Jen Hornby/Leanne Stafford

Junior Swim League/Junior Jubilee

Social Committee


Swim Kit & Shop

Wigan Swimming Development Group (2)
Volunteer Co-ordinator
Lifeguard Co-ordinator

Disciplinary Panel – Chairman
– Swimming (3)
– Water Polo (3)

Alan Stafford
Diane Stafford/Lee Toone
Diane Stafford

Diane Stafford/Paul Costello
Diane Stafford
Lee Toone
Diane/Alan Stafford
Nicola Holt

Lee Toone
Lee Toone/Paul Costello
Lee Toone/Nicola Holt/Paul Howarth
Paul Howarth

Diane Stafford/Jen Hornby
Jen Hornby

Paul Costello
Nicola Holt/Michelle Grogan/Lynn Kniveton/Grace Morley/Lynn Robb

Diane Stafford/Tom Pridding
Paul Howarth/ Social Committee/Bill Edward

Diane Stafford/Tom Pridding
Diane Stafford/Jen Hornby
Tom Pridding/Diane Stafford
Pelican Centre

Paul Howarth
Danielle Jefferey-Leyland/Michelle Grogan/ Grace Morley
Neil Williams/Rob Bond/Nicola Holt