Pelican Centre Announce Closure

Thank you for your patience and as you can appreciate a very traumatic time for everyone concerned.

The Pelican Centre has announced that they will be closing from tonight (Fri 20thMarch) as instructed by the Government.

We are not sure how long the PC will remain closed under the current circumstances but we should be mindful and ask ourselves

  • when will they re-open
  • what will happen to the current staff whilst closed
  • will they re-open at all
  • what will happen to the club (which is 144 years old this year) if they do not re-open

The PC is a “standalone site” with no financial support from the local authority.

The PC have stated that they will “freeze payments” but the club would like to ask all members, if possible, to support the PC and continue to pay the monthly direct debit payments to the Pelican Centre until the end of May.

We understand that this might not be financially possible for some members and recognise that this is a decision for each individual/family.

Can I please ask that those people who wish to continue to pay their monthly direct debit payment contact me on or 07762 135449

If you dont contact me I will presume that you want to “freeze your direct debit payment”



Diane Stafford
Tyldesley SWPC

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